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SOLD OUT! Strange Face – Adventures with a lost Nick Drake recording

The Cat's Back is very proud to present the extraordinary one-man show by Michael Burdett for two nights only - Friday and Saturday 22nd and 23rd April - in the intimate setting of the Cinema Room (upstairs). Capacity very limited so be sure to book early! 


The extraordinary story of how one man shared a recording no one knew existed

Strange Face is the story of a lost Nick Drake recording rescued from the bottom of a skip. This one-man show charts how Michael Burdett randomly stopped 200 strangers and asked if they wanted to hear the track in return for being photographed. The result is a collection of photographs and stories featuring people from all over Britain. Amongst the tattooists, farmers, scientists and city workers are some well-known faces, including Billy Bragg, Tom Stoppard, Ross Noble, Jeremy Clarkson, Paul Whitehouse, Danny Baker, Tracy Chevalier, Fearne Cotton, Martin Freeman and Noel Fielding.

Strange Face is a humorous and occasionally poignant show that celebrates life, coincidences and the legacy of singer-songwriter Nick Drake. And, in an age when music is shared so casually, Strange Face proves the value music can bring to our lives. 

The only people to have heard the recording have been photographed as part of the Strange Face Project. Strange Face has been a photographic exhibition, a book, and a five star reviewed show.  The show also won the coveted title of Best Free Fringe Show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

About Michael Burdett

Michael Burdett is a composer who has written music for television, radio and the theatre. He has written everything from the theme tunes to Masterchef and Homes Under The Hammer to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s posing music for the bodybuilding documentary Total Rebuild. He occasionally releases recordings under the name Little Death Orchestra.

About Nick Drake

Nick Drake released three albums between 1969 and 1972, none of which sold well on initial release. He took his life overdosing on anti-depressants in 1974. He was 26. Since then, his work has been re-evaluated and his records have now sold in their millions. He is cited as one of the most influential songwriters of the last 50 years and is heralded by acts like Paul Weller, Kate Bush, Ellie Goulding and R.E.M.

Praise for the Strange Face Project

“Some of the photos are exquisite…and the story behind the photo session that went into producing it are often enthralling” – Time Out

“This is really interesting – a very cool idea” – BBC Radio 6 Music

“What makes it open the tear glands of more than just Mojo readers, is the idea of how music can help us to connect. …as optimistic and open-hearted as anything in town. A gorgeous one-man show.” – The Times

“As well as being playful and hugely appealing to look at, the photographs serve to further cement the impact Drake’s creative output has had, despite its brevity.” – The Independent

 “Michael Burdett takes us on a road that feels full of sunshine. That is because this is ultimately an uplifting tale.” – Fringe Review

“You do not need to know anything about Nick Drake to warm to this show. Strange Face is an oasis in this feverish festival. Go see it and let the music of, and love for Nick Drake, wash over you.” – Dark Chat

Website and book available from

The Strange Face Project supports Nordoff Robbins, the UK’s national music therapy charity