Cinema: Delicatessen

Take a pinch of horror, a dollop of sci-fi, a large serving of black humour, mix well and serve on a bed of visually ravishing futuristic dystopia: 25 years on, Delicatessen is still deliciously shocking! 

With its molelike inhabitants, its sprawling war between flesh-eaters and lentil-men, its achingly sweet love story and surrealist blend of dusty antiquities and 21st-century gizmos, Delicatessen is indescribably wild. Philadelphia Inquirer

Part macabre horror, part romantic drama, part childlike fable, this ingeniously original French film defies categorization, but is successful on all of these levels, which may explain why it has become an international cult classic. Emanuel Levy

Delicatessen, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, 1991 (99 mins)

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