Cinema: Inside Out

For the final film in our month of "Mind Games", we're looking right inside the mind with the latest fabulous Pixar adventure. What goes on when we're sad? How do we go from happy to angry? What happen to our memories over time? Hop onboard the 11-year-old heroine Riley's emotion Headquarters to find out! 

"What remains consistent in the film is the level of intellectual and emotional daring, as well as Pixar's ability to convert that into dynamic visual storytelling that will endure long after Joy and Sadness dolls are piled high in landfills." New Statesman
"On the scale of inventiveness, "Inside Out" will be hard to top this year. As so often with Pixar, you feel that you are visiting a laboratory crossed with a rainbow." New Yorker
"Pixar's most ambitious, imaginative and adult film takes a look at the emotions that control our wellbeing." Independent

Inside Out, Pixar / Pete Docter, 2015 (94 mins)