Live Music: Curzon and Ter-Berg

Flora Curzon, violin

Flora Curzon, violin

A splendid string duo featuring violinist Flora Curzon and cellist Francesca Ter-Berg, who share a love of Transylvanian music, melodic lyricism, groove and improvisation. Influenced by Klezmer and other Eastern European folk and gypsy music, Curzon and Ter-Berg combine these traditions with their own unique arrangement style to create a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

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About Flora Curzon: a recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Music - also with a degree in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics from King's College - Flora's musical interests range from classical and baroque to folk music and improvisation. She plays regularly with the Faust Ensemble, English Symphony Orchestra, Orfeus Sinfonia and London Sinfonietta. 

About Francesca Ter-Berg: Cellist, composer and producer, Francesca Ter-Berg is an explorer of musical genres, from Klezmer to Indian classical music, Arabic Maqam to Jazz. Recent collaborations include the BBC Symphonic Orchestra, Mercury-prize winner Talvin Singh and acclaimed folk singer Katy Carr.